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Myros - Turkish Woven Notebook 140x20x20 mm
199.00 TL
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What to Consider while Buying Notebook?

Best notebooks; It is a notebook that allows you to organize your daily work, write down the details you do not want to forget, and save reminder notes for yourself. A memory book analogy is also made to the notebook needed by people of all ages. Although office workers and active social life members prefer to use a diary, they do not neglect to carry a small notebook with them. Notebooks that women carry in their bags and that students and young people keep with them are produced with different designs. The cloth notebook and cotton notebook models produced by Myros manage to meet all tastes and needs. The nostalgic and vintage designs on it are extremely visually rich. You can also help your children get into the habit of taking notes by getting interesting journal notebook ideas and notebook ideas. You can also gift stylishly designed notebook products that adults will use to your friends. The habit of using notebooks, which started in student years and continued in adulthood, ensures that people are organized and systematic. At the same time, these wonderful notebooks, where you can write down your goals, will help you retain and attract positive situations that you can attract into your life with the law of attraction. The notebook manufacturer applies handwork on the cover of this notebook product and carries out meticulous work. The same habit continues into adulthood. In many professions that require research and follow-up, there is an obligation to use a notebook. Written information is permanent, but the information kept in memory is more likely to be forgotten or confused. You can easily carry these products, Notebook producer Myros helps you organize your life with different notebook models. You can use Cotton notebook products not only for writing but also for drawing. The use of notebooks is very important for artists, writers, and producers. This great notebook from Myros is ideal for immediately recording new business ideas. You can write down the most important moments of your life, the bittersweet events you have experienced, the information you have learned, and your work experiences with these wonderful notebook products. Notebook products that you will always carry with you are ready to be your second memory. Cotton notebook products will be a piece that you will not want to take out of your bag with their appropriate sizes and attractive visual features. If you like to take notes while reading a book, you can consider using these wonderful notebook products. 

You can visit the Myros website to benefit from bulk notebook prices in wholesale notebook purchases. If you are looking for a permanent gift for your loved ones, you can choose this hand-woven cover, Myros souvenir cotton notebook products.

The following are the things to know when purchasing Notebook products:

  • Attention should be paid to the cover quality of the hand-woven notebook product.
  • It should be ensured that the notebook pages on which the notebook design is applied are sewn correctly.
  • The cotton notebook product, which is taken in appropriate sizes, should match your preferences.
  • The design and hardness of this cloth notebook product, which is shaped by masters, should be reviewed.
  • The cotton notebook should be packed appropriately and delivered to the buyer without being deformed.

What are the Features of Notebook Products?

This cotton notebook produced using textile material comes in 140x20 mm size. Textile materials are designed with different patterns and colors and these cotton notebook designs are made, one more than the other. In addition, the page quality of this cloth notebook product is extremely high. You will want to take more notes and enjoy taking notes. These cotton notebook products, produced in rectangular form, will be a product that you will not miss in your bag and on your table. 

Models in different patterns offer color alternatives. Thus, it makes it easier for you to choose cotton notebooks that suit your taste. You can use stylish and original designed notebook products yourself or you can gift them to your loved ones.

What is the Price Range of Notebook Products?

Cloth notebooks for shopping cost between 12 and 13 Euros on average. A cotton notebook's price varies according to the level of craftsmanship, quality, color, and set of the pieces. Cotton notebook pricing will be determined by the size and custom options available. In addition, these products can be priced according to the number of pages.

How are the Prices of Notebook Products Determined?

These wonderful cotton notebook models, which carry traces of the past, have different patterns. These notebook models include hand-held cotton notebooks made by Myros using the weaving technique. The price of a souvenir cotton notebook is determined by the level of craftsmanship, the materials used, and the quality of the cotton. If the price of cotton notebooks changes, so can the cost of bulk notebooks. Notebook prices vary depending on the size of the products, design features, and the number of sheets. You can find very attractively priced products in the notebook category of Myros in the category. Large-sized and specially designed cotton notebooks carry higher prices than standard models. You can easily have cotton notebooks suitable for your taste and needs. You can view the notebooks that offer stylish designs, special leaf colors, and extraordinary cover designs on the Myros website.

What are the Types of Notebooks?

The types of notebooks are as follows:

How to Use Notebook Products?

You can leave it in your bag or an easily accessible place on your desktop and write everything you need to take notes on these wonderful cloth notebooks. In this way, you can keep a record of any information you do not want to forget. These wonderful notebooks, where you can use your handwriting, will offer you greater pleasure than the writing pleasure brought by the digital environment.

Whom can Notebook Products be Bought as a Gift for?

Here is the list of some people that you can buy notebook as a gift:

  • You can present a wonderful cotton notebook to your mother or sister by choosing one of Myros' wonderful notebook ideas.
  • You can gift cotton notebook products to your loved ones.
  • By keeping it near your phone, you can take it to yourself so that you can take your notes in case of an emergency.

How Does Myros Produce Notebook Gift Products?

Papers that do not harm nature are carefully selected by Myros. Before starting the design, these wonderful products are cut into suitable sizes according to the size of the design. The cut paper bundles are sewn by the Myros team with a special sewing technique. Finally, in the step where the architecture of the design will be created, the notebook cover design is produced by hand-woven and sewn to the pages according to the cut papers. The cotton notebook product prepared is packaged appropriately and delivered to the buyers. Cotton notebooks, which are produced with this paper and textile material that is 100% soluble in nature, make their buyers happy with their environmentally friendly production.

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Notebook?

Other gifts similar to notebook  products include:

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