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Myros - Özel Renkli Nazar Magnet
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Myros - Metal Stony Evil Eye Magnet
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Myros - Evil Eye Themed Epoxy Dome Backing Card Souvenir Fridge Magnet
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Myros - Evil Eye Themed Epoxy Dome Round Souvenir Fridge Magnet 67 mm
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Myros - Evil Eye Themed Epoxy Dome Rectangle Souvenir Fridge Magnet 80x55 cm
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Total of 9 products are displayed.

What to Consider while Buying Evil Eye Fridge Magnet?

The evil eye is a hostile glance directed at someone out of spite, hatred, or envy that delivers misfortune, misery, or simply general ill luck to the recipient. Amulets and talismans of the evil eye are also referred to as "evil eyes." Evil eyes are a famous emblem in Buddhist and Hindu communities, as well as Muslim, Jewish, and Christian societies.

Because the eye is believed to be the primary starting place of all kinds of good and negative ideas as an opening window to the world, evil eye beads are commonly eye-shaped. Blue glass beads, which are thought to protect against glances and bad eyes, are the most recent versions of evil eye decor products that have been utilized since ancient times.  These wonderful evil eye fridge magnet products are waiting for their buyers on the Myros website with first-class workmanship and quality production by the Myros team.

You should also take a look at the epoxy evil eye fridge magnet designs prepared as gift cards in the background, prepared by Myros using the digital printing method. These wonderful glass evil eye fridge magnets are also very good alternative gifts for special occasions or to introduce your company to your customers. Evil eye fridge magnets are in the category of souvenirs that people of all ages love. This product is also called especially summer gifts. You can gift a souvenir evil eye fridge magnet to your loved ones and make them happy. You can display these glass evil eye fridge magnet products individually on metal surfaces or you can use many of them by decorating them together. You can get these wholesale evil eye fridge magnet products designed by evil eye fridge magnet manufacturer Myros at discounted prices on the Myros website. You can also take a look at the stainless metal evil eye fridge magnet products produced by Myros in this category. Working very carefully on environmentally friendly products, Myros works diligently with all raw materials. It's also a good idea to get some fridge magnets custom to display on your fridge door so you can remember your vacation every time you see them. Aside from that, there are several variables to consider while purchasing evil eye fridge magnets.

The following are the things to know when purchasing souvenir  Evil Eye Fridge Magnet products:

  • The quality of the materials used determines the quality of the evil eye bead product. All in all, pay close attention to the material quality when purchasing these evil eye fridge magnet things. If you are going to buy an evil eye magnet with a card design in the background, the design should be suitable for your company.
  • The evil eye fridge magnet craftsmanship of the product also includes instructions on how to use it. Cleaning on these extremely delicate evil eye fridge magnet things must be done very carefully.
  • The dyeing and coloring processes of the evil eye fridge magnet should be thoroughly investigated.
  • Evil eye fridge magnets should be tested for durability and purchased from a reputable manufacturer like Myros.
  • The evil eye fridge magnet product must be properly delivered and handled.

What are the Features of Evil Eye Fridge Magnet Products?

This evil eye fridge magnet produced by Myros is designed with many different material standards. Among these designs, there are also copper and metal evil eye fridge magnets. The metal evil eye fridge magnet, designed in the appearance of a sea anchor, is among the beautiful designs. This souvenir evil eye fridge magnet is extremely useful and designed in different sizes. These evil eye fridge magnet products, which also include digital printing, printing work, epoxy design, and metalwork, were designed by Myros as extremely remarkable pieces in master hands. The Myros team, which does not cut corners on quality, assesses evil eye fridge magnet products both visually and permanently. . These evil eye fridge magnet products are simple to use. It can be readily hung on metal using evil eye fridge magnets. These evil eye fridge magnet products, which have strikingly original patterns and handicrafts, also showcase the most brilliant turquoise tones, making them ideal keepsakes. With its distinctive patterns, Myros creates the most beautiful souvenir evil eye fridge magnet goods.

What is the Price Range of Evil Eye Fridge Magnet Products?

Evil eye fridge magnets prices are 1 Euro and 7 Euros on average. The quality, craftsmanship, color, and weight of these evil eye fridge magnet items affect their price. Discounted evil eye fridge magnets are also available in bulk. The Myros team can assist you with the design of wholesale evil eye fridge magnets.

How are the Prices of Evil Eye Fridge Magnet Products Determined?

Evil eye fridge magnets come in a range of shapes and sizes. The quality, workmanship, and materials utilized affect the price of evil eye fridge magnets. Price changes for evil eye fridge magnets and other decorative objects may have an impact on wholesale costs. These evil eye fridge magnet items are available in several categories, patterns, sizes, and colors. These traits are reflected in the prices of the evil eye fridge magnet products.

What are the Types of Evil Eye Fridge Magnets?

Types of evil eye fridge magnet products are as follows:

How to Use Evil Eye Fridge Magnet Products?

These evil eye fridge magnet products are extremely easy to use. Evil eye fridge magnet products can be attached to any metal surface. These evil eye fridge magnet products do not leave any stains or marks. Evil eye fridge magnets can be removed from metal surfaces by applying light force. You can make your loved ones happy with these evil eye fridge magnet products, which you can also choose as souvenirs, and you can leave permanent souvenirs on their metal surfaces.

Whom can Evil Eye Fridge Magnet Products be Bought as a Gift for?

You can buy the evil eye fridge magnet as a gift to the following people:

  • You can give an evil eye fridge magnet as a gift to a buddy who lives far away.
  • You may gift an evil eye fridge magnet to a neighbor.
  • After the holiday, you can acquire an evil eye fridge magnet for your mother.
  • You can get an evil eye fridge magnet to adorn your refrigerator or metal cabinets yourself.
  • You can purchase an evil eye fridge magnet as a present for a collector friend.

How Does Myros Produce Evil Eye Fridge Magnet Gift Products?

It is a lean technique in the direction of tools and tools used in the fabrication of evil eye magnets. Today, however, is a very old piece of knowledge, both in terms of camera interpretation and information employed, and it should be regarded as a fascinating extension of life. Because of the technique and form in which it was achieved, all the basic principles of traditional camels in terms of method and form were applicable. The blue dark eye fridge magnet is a depressing, gloomy effect when used in dark tones and intensely, lightly. When used in tones or mixed with white, it has a soothing and reassuring effect. Blue symbolizes intimidation and protection. Physical silence, calmness, satisfaction, and pacifism symbols. It has a psychologically satisfying and relaxing effect. When the white color is applied in a region where sunlight is present, it generates a lively and joyful impact. Physically, it represents dissolution, surrender and dedication, and tolerance. Light and tranquillity are represented by psychological openness and freedom. These evil eye fridge magnets designed by Myros intertwined with blue and white start with the material selection before starting the design. It is created with glasswork, epoxy, copper work, and digital printing techniques. After the Evil eye fridge magnet design is finished, it is packaged and delivered to the cargo. Souvenir evil eye fridge magnet products set out to make their buyers happy.

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Evil Eye Fridge Magnet?

Other gifts similar to evil eye  fridge magnets  are as follows:

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