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Tea Cup

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298.00 TL
+ 3
Myros - Belek Themed Turkey City Theme Printed Touristy Tea Glass Set of 2 Pcs
298.00 TL
545.00 TL
945.00 TL
203.00 TL
+ 7
Myros - Turkish Ceramic Relief Tea Set of 6 Pcs
1,118.00 TL
+ 8
Myros - Turkish Ceramic Relief Tea Set of 2 Pcs
493.00 TL
298.00 TL
+ 3
Myros - Turkish Ceramic Turquoise Tea Glass Set of 2 Pcs
420.00 TL
+ 11
Myros - Turkish Ceramic Tea Cup Set 4 Pcs
930.00 TL
+ 4
Myros - Ottoman Style Metal Turkish Tea Glass Set Of 6 pcs
1,455.00 TL
+ 4
Myros - Ottoman Style Metal Turkish Tea Glass Set Of 2 pcs
548.00 TL
+ 3
Myros - Ottoman Style Metal Gold Turkish Tea Cup Set Of 2 pcs
618.00 TL
+ 3
Myros - Ottoman Style Metal Gold Turkish Tea Cup Set Of 6 pcs
1,603.00 TL
+ 6
Myros - Ephesus Themed Custom Printed Turkish Tea Glass Set Of 2 Pcs
298.00 TL
Total of 40 products are displayed.

What to Consider while Buying Tea Cups?

Tea is one of the most consumed beverage types in many parts of the world. A perfect cup of tea can take all our tiredness away. Since it has almost no calories, it is consumed with peace of mind. Well, how many calories is a cup of tea? There is only 1 calorie in a cup of tea. Excessive consumption of tea is not recommended due to the amount of caffeine it contains. There is 11 mg of caffeine in a cup of tea. Tea cups are the tools we use to drink tea. Tea cups in various designs and shapes add visual richness to our tea enjoyment.

There are many types of tea cups in the world. However, three types can be listed in terms of the material from which they are made. These are metal tea cups, porcelain tea cups, and glass tea cups. Glass tea cups are one of the most preferred ones because of the taste they give while drinking tea. In terms of shape and design, tea cups are quite numerous. If you wish, you can even add a design to a blank tea glass yourself. Or you can select customizable tea glasses to add whatever you want.

You can buy tea cups to use while drinking tea. You can get a set of tea cups to use when you have guests. In addition, you can buy tea cups to gift to your loved ones or friends. You can make it more permanent by customizing your tea glass in a way that the person you will gift it to will love. Personalized tea cups and saucers will be an unforgettable gift. Souvenir tea cups and custom tea cups will remind you of your loved ones every time they drink tea.

Teacups are available for sale in bulk. You can buy bulk tea cups. You can find unique tea cups and beautiful tea cups on the Myros website.
You can buy wholesale tea cups for display at your business.
The following are the things to know when purchasing tea cup products:

  • It is important that the teacup has a special design and quality product features.
  • It is important that you decide to buy a tea cup for whom.
  • The tea cup you would buy should be high-quality and protect the vividness of its colors for a long time.
  • If you buy the tea glasses as a set, you should decide how many people it will be for.
  • If you give it as a gift, it is important that the tea cup contains features that the gift recipient will love. 

What are the Features of Tea Cups Products?

The features of the tea cups vary according to the product you choose. The features of your product will be different depending on the theme, design, material, and shape you choose. For example, Turkish tea cups have features that belong to Turkey, while English tea cups have more different features. If you want more modern-looking glasses, you can choose modern tea glasses. Likewise, the number of tea cups will vary according to the set you want to buy. The sizes of teacups can also be quite diverse. There are small tea cups and large tea cups according to the size you want.For example;Plain Turkish tea glass set of 2 pcs has a width of 128 mm, a length of 295 mm, a height of 66 mm, and a weight of 553 gr.

What is the Price Range of Tea Cups Products?

The price of teacup products varies in terms of the quality of the material used for the product. Also, according to the theme you select, the price of tea cups changes. Tea cups range in price from 8 Euro to 95 Euro.

How are the Prices of Tea Cups Products Determined?

In determining the prices, the material of the tea cup products and their shape are important. Besides, factors such as the amount of material used, size,number of tea cup sets and customization requests affect the prices.
Prices are determined, especially for shops that want to purchase wholesale tea cup products.

What are the Types of Tea Cups?

Types of tea cups are listed in the following lines:

How to Use Tea Cups Products?

You can use tea cup products to drink tea. You can use it to add visual richness to your tea sessions. You can also use tea cups as a gift for your loved ones and friends. Themed tea cups can be unforgettable gifts.

Whom can Tea Cups Products be Bought as a Gift for?

You can buy the tea cups as a gift to the following people:

  • To your mother
  • To your friends
  • To your relatives
  • To your neighboors

How does Myros Produce Tea Cups Gift Products?

Myros firm is one of the producers of quality tea cup products. The production process of tea cups starts with determining the design,theme and shape of the product. If the tea cups are to be produced as a set, it is determined how many pieces they will consist of.Afterward, the products are produced with great care.If there are customization requests, they are also added to the product. Tea cups in desired sizes and designs are ready at the end of these.

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Tea Cups?

Other types of souvenirs similar to tea cups are listed in the following lines.

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