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Evil Eye Collection

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Bugün Kargoda
Myros - Colorful Evil Eye Gift Set
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Bugün Kargoda
Myros - Evil Eye Gift Set
SKU: SET60-KDN Evil Eye Gift Set
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Myros - Evil Eye Themed UV Plastic White Printed Lighter
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Myros - Evil Eye Themed Nautical Ceramics First Size Wall Hanging
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Myros - Evil Eye Themed Customised Metal Tin Coaster 90 mm
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Myros - Özel Renkli Nazar Magnet
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Total of 88 products are displayed.

What to Consider while Buying Evil Eye Themed?

With its beautiful blue color and a little eye on it, the evil eye has a huge meaning among superstitious people. They believe that having an evil eye on their bags, clothes, house, cars, and working place will bring them good luck during their life. This good luck can be brought to you in any way. In today’s world, the evil eye is so popular that everybody can get it in any form they want. From earrings to house accessories, evil eye gifts can be anywhere in your life. 

Evil eye gift meaning is to bring good luck to the person you buy your gift. Unless the person is scared of these things, people can happily accept these kinds of gifts in their life. One of the greatest things about evil eye souvenirs is their versatility. You can put it anywhere in your life, also you can give it to anybody you want. If one has a girlfriend, evil eye gifts for her could be a great choice. If one has a boyfriend, evil eye gifts for him could also be a great choice. This applied to anybody and that’s why we love evil eye themed gifts in general.

Giving evil eye as a gift could be a great choice for others if they love this little superstitious product. The evil eye has lots of meaning in case of luck, to show your interest and best regards to the person you care about, evil eye gift could touch them in a great way. This could make the friendship better. Also, people can buy evil eye gifts for themselves if they don’t want to get harmed. That’s why evil eye gifts are so popular to be seen in cars and houses. People also believe the evil eye protects them from the devil or any other malicious creatures.

Rather than its meaning, evil eye gifts could also be bought for aesthetic reasons. Evil eye gift for home to make it more unique is really popular. With its different kinds of variations, anybody could have evil eye themed gifts at their place. There are lots of evil eye gifts in the world. The best part of it is to find it in any type of souvenir. Car keys, fridge magnets, bracelets, necklaces, wall hangings, and more. These products can be produced with an evil eye theme. To make your place colorful, evil eye gifts can also be a great alternative.

The following list is the things that one should know when buying an evil eye themed gift;

  • What kind of product they want
  • The purpose of the evil eye
  • In what for they want
  • For whom they are buying it
  • Where to put or have an evil eye gift
  • The design they want on it.
  • The size they want on it.

What are the Features of Evil Eye Themed Products?

As it has so many variations, the features of the evil eye themed products could be different. In the general evil eye is a blue stone with a small black point on it which represents the “eye.” The features have their own thing based on the evil eye gift ideas. These ideas can create so many features. On Myros, it is possible to find souvenir evil eye themed gifts. As mentioned above, car hangings, fridge magnets, wall hangings, glasses, and bibelots are present on our site. For car hangings, the features are to have a small evil eye on it and a rope to hang it on the car. For fridge magnets, the evil eye theme is present with a magnet in the back of it. Wall hangings have their unique evil eye concept and with a rope on it, it is so easy to hang it on the wall. Glasses with evil eyes on them are also so popular, you can drink your best drink or tea using these lovely glasses. Bibelots are also on sale on Myros. These are the products that are mentioned here, and lots of more our on site Myros to be seen and bought by anybody. With our custom evil eye themed gifts, it is also practical to use creativity and have customizable evil eye themed gifts for anybody. 

What is the Price Range of Evil Eye Themed Products?

The price range is big for evil eye themed products. It is possible to find products between the average of 3 Euro to 89 Euro. This range is huge because of the variety of our evil eye themed gifts. Also, the quality behind it has an effect the deciding the price. Myros also provides wholesale evil eye themed gifts, which could potentially affect the price for other companies or anybody who wants to buy wholesale evil eye gifts. Personalized evil eye themed gifts can also affect the prices. Myros provides the best quality products to make the pricing reasonable. This is our way to make customers happy with the price as well as the quality of the product.

How are the Prices of Evil Eye Themed Products Determined

To determine the evil eye themed product's price, we first consider the product that they are made of. Customizable products can also affect the price in a way. We try to provide the best quality products to create different types of evil eye themed gifts. We try to make our prices reasonable with the best quality products. The size and the labor behind our products mostly determine the pricing in general.

What are the Types of Evil Eye Themed?

Here is the list of the types of evil eye themed products;

How to Use Evil Eye Themed Products?

Using evil eye themed gifts is quite easy. All you have to do is to decide what kind of products you want for your evil eye theme. Once you decide which product you want, you can use the product with its features. Such as; cars and wall hangings to hang with the rope, glasses to use as accessories or to drink, keychains to make your keys colorful, and bottle openers to use to open bottles easily. 

Whom can Evil Eye Themed Products be Bought as a Gift for?

Here is the list of people whom can be bought evil eye themed products;

  • Superstitious people
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Collectors
  • Companies
  • As a birthday gift
  • People who may need good luck

How does Myros Produce Evil Eye Themed Gift Products?

Myros produces evil eye products with the best care. The best kind of evil eye theme is put on our different types of products. Evil eyes are carefully produced, with it’s durable it is not possible to put them out of the products. Evil eye themed gift manufacturer work quite hard for you to bring the best kind of variations of the product. With technologically advanced machines, we provide the best kind of work for our evil eye themed products. 

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Evil Eye Themed?

Here is the list of the gifts that are similar to evil eye themed gifts;

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