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What to Consider while Buying a Passport Case?

One of the few things we should keep with us when we go abroad is our passport. Especially when you are in a foreign country, passports should be kept well. A purse or wallet to carry your passport may be a matter of preference. However, you need to make sure that your passport will be kept properly in this bag or wallet. If something happens to your passport, your entire itinerary may be disrupted. Passport case manufacturer Myros has designed the passport case product, which is extremely innovative and at the same time a solution to passport problems, to avoid these problems. This wonderful passport case product is designed in a zippered bag structure where traditional and modern lines are displayed at the same time. The passport case product, which minimizes its contact with dust and water thanks to its zippered part, allows you to carry your passport safely with you. Passport case Producer designs passport cover customized products according to your liking with Myros options. Passport case designer Myros team stands out from their competitors with their highly functional and visually rich product designs and their work in this field. These extremely useful hand-woven products, also known as woven passport cases, are also quite eye-catching. In addition to its design features, souvenir passport case products are also included in the category of souvenirs for all individuals in your family. For wholesale passport case purchases, it will be sufficient to browse the Myros web page to browse passport case products at bulk passport case prices. In terms of product features, it is formed by sewing a woven textile material and preparing it in passport size. Passport case models, in which cultural Ottoman and embroideries are reflected with their patterns, are also appreciated by their buyers with different color options. While these bag-type passport case products attract attention with their authentic appearance, they will enable you not only to store your passports but also to carry your documents such as your health insurance or flight ticket. If you do not want the best days of your holiday to be ruined, you can keep your passports and other documents safely with the passport case products produced by Myros. Thanks to the zippered part of your little ones at home, your passports, which you will keep without being damaged, will be extremely safe with passport case products. 

The following are the things to know when purchasing Passport Case products:

  • Attention should be paid to the weaving of passport case products in which the art of weaving is used.
  • You should make sure that the yarn quality and colored yarns used in the weaving technique are found correctly.
  • When purchasing passport case products, attention should be paid to the zipper detail on the passport case product. In the Passport case product models, you should ensure that the colors you ordered are delivered to you.
  • Passport case products should be well packaged and should not be delivered wet or damaged.
  • If you are going to gift the passport case to your loved ones, you should buy a souvenir passport case, taking into account the tastes of the person you are giving.

What are the Features of Passport Case Products?

The passport case product is sized 150x230 mm. Passport case products are designed in dimensions that you can carry your ticket or other documents with you in terms of dimensions. The passport case product, designed with different models, is shaped according to your tastes. Zipper detail has been added to the passport case product with an extremely strong sewing technique. Passport case products are products that you can buy as a gift to your loved ones and are suitable for use for many years. The purpose of the passport case product is to keep the documents intact. Passport case products are woven and designed with textile materials. Passport case products are the most important elements that you should take with you on your travels, they are resistant to moisture and heat.

What is the Price Range of Passport Case Products?

Souvenir passport cases cost between 8 and 9 Euros on average. A passport case's price varies according to the level of craftsmanship quality, and color. Souvenir passport case pricing will be determined by the size and custom options available.

How are the Prices of Passport Case Products Determined?

Although the dimensions of each passport cover are the same, the prices vary according to the coloring techniques and the quality of the material used. One of the products with varying labor rates and prices is the passport cover. Some elements change the price, from the zipper detail to the materials used.

What are the Types of Passport Cases?

Types of passport cases as are follows:

How to Use Passport Case Products?

Passport case products are extremely easy to use. Passports and other documents are placed inside the passport case product, which has a zippered mouth structure. The passport case product is closed and placed in the bag with its structure compatible with the inside of the bag.

Whom can Passport Case Products be Bought as a Gift for?

You can buy the passport case as a gift to the following people:

  • You can present a souvenir passport case product to your mother or father.
  • You can gift a souvenir passport case product to your child's passport.

How does Myros Produce Passport Case Gift Products?

These passport case products, where you can easily keep your passports, are created by Myros with the weaving technique. Myros cuts the textile material created with the weaving technique in passport size. The passport case product is carefully sewn in appropriate dimensions after cutting. Myros adds zipper details to the finished passport case and carefully packs it and delivers it to the recipients.

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Passport Case?

Other gifts similar to passport case  products include:

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