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Coffee Cup

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Myros - Ottoman Style Metal Gold Turkish Coffe Cup Set Of 6 pcs
1,783.00 TL
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Myros - Ottoman Style Gold Metal ZamacTurkish Coffe Cup Set Of 2 pcs
493.00 TL
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Myros - Ottoman Style Metal Gold Turkish Coffe Cup Set Of 2 pcs
820.00 TL
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Myros - Ottoman Style Metal Turkish Coffe Cup Set Of 2
420.00 TL
4,365.00 TL
3,638.00 TL
2,000.00 TL
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Myros - Ottoman Style Turkish Coffee Cup Set Of 6 pcs
1,603.00 TL
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Myros - Ottoman Style Turkish Coffee Cup Set Of 2 pcs
728.00 TL
158.00 TL
2,363.00 TL
Total of 11 products are displayed.

What to Consider while Buying Metal Coffee Cups?

Metal coffee cups have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, especially after the ban on plastic cups in some countries. Not only are metal coffee cups good for the environment but they also have a great aesthetic pleasing look. Many people usually have questions to ask which is what to consider while buying a metal coffee cup.                                   

Here we will tell you all you need to know about metal coffee cup information and more. The best thing you do to start your morning is usually having a nice cup of coffee but not always do you have the time to brew and drink the coffee by yourself in your house well this is where metal coffee cups come to the rescue. Not only are they reusable but you can carry them around and have your coffee in them in a nice environment safe and aesthetic way. You might be wondering for what purpose metal coffee products can be purchased. 

well if you are having friends over and want an aesthetically pleasing cup of coffee you serve them some coffee in Turkish metal coffee cups. Not only will you achieve a nice look and delicious coffee but your friends will love the cups and ask you where you got them from. İf you want to surprise them with a nice table you should also consider having your coffee done in copper Turkish coffee pots there are many necessities and importance of metal coffee products such as it being much better for the environment than plastic cups you are used to using.  For example who wouldn't like to serve their coffee in Turkish coffee cups set of 6 for a party and using to make that coffee in a nice brass Turkish coffee pot while also being conscious about the universe and the well being of the earth.         


What are the Features of Metal Coffee Cup Products? 

There are many features of these metal coffee cup products. These metal coffee cup products have many styles, for example, you have the autumn style also has gold colors you also have silver colors, and even metal Turkish Swarovski silver coffee cups and you can get them in many sets, for example, you can get them in sets of two or you can get a Turkish coffee cup set of 6. The other features of metal coffee cup products are that they have many different colors many sizes and they all have different functions, for example, some of them are nice for a fancy party while the other function of the metal coffee cups is for a more family intimate gathering.

As an example, we can give the metal Turkish Swarovski silver coffee cup set of two which also comes with an amazing velvet gift box its length is 380 millimeters the height is 103 and the weight is only 1820 grams it has a nice metal casting and its origin is from Turkey.

What is the Price Range of Metal Coffee Cup Products?

Because the prices of Turkish metal coffee cups and brass Turkish coffee sets are so good priced in some places many people prefer to buy them in bulk so if you see someone bulk metal coffee cup don't be surprised because the prices are amazing.  There are also many metal coffee cup manufacturers that help make these nice antique Turkish coffee cups. 

The prices of the Turkish coffee sets and Turkish coffee cups and even Turkish coffee pots can change   Based on what they are made of and their quality for example a very nice metal coffee cup set which is in Ottoman style and it’s in the color of gold metals it’s only 6 Euro and it also comes in two pieces. But if you fancy a Turkish coffee cup that is a little bit fancier you can check out the Ottoman style Turkish coffee cup set up in six pieces for only 105 Euro.

How are the Prices of Metal Coffee Cup Products Determined?

The prices of metal coffee cup products are determined based on the size of the pieces and the sets of the metal coffee cups and if you plan on buying them in bulk so a few bulk metal coffee cups then the price might change.

What are the Types of Metal Coffee Cup Products?

There are many types of metal coffee cup products some of them are as the following

How to Use  Metal Coffee Cup Products?

You can use these products to drink your coffee. You can use these products to display in your living room. You can use it as a gift to your mother and friends. You can benefit from discounted wholesale prices, especially when you buy it for your store. 

Whom can Metal Coffee Cup Products be Bought as a Gift?

You can buy the metal coffee cup as a gift to the following people:

  • These products are a good gift option for new home gift
  • You can buy it for your mother for mother's Day.
  • You can buy it for your sister for her birthday.
  • You can buy it for people who loves to Turkish coffee or espresso.
  • You can buy a Çini coffee cup for your aunt's summer house as a birthday present.

How does Myros Produce  Metal Coffee Cup Gift Products?

These products, where hand workmanship is used at the maximum level, are delivered to us by Myros. The design story that started after the selection of quality materials is quite breathtaking. The product, whose design is determined, colors after the shaping stage. The most distinctive tones of Turkish color turquoise are added to the design in the delicacy of tile mastery. Or it is adorned with fine embroidery for a wonderful zamak product. Then the firing and cooling processes are started. This journey is the art of the coffee cup. The coffee cup design can also be updated in any way you want. These wonderful coffee cups can be bought as gifts, and they are also the best artistic work that a person can give to themselves. Products can be sold individually or as a set. Myros team packs the finished product in the best way and delivers it to your hands with fast shipping.

What are Other Gifts Similar to Metal Coffee Cup?

Other gifts similar to metal coffee cup products  are as follows:


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