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Handmade Coaster

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Myros - Turkish Ceramic Relief Coaster 110 mm
65.00 TL
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Myros - Turkish Ceramic Engraved Relief Coaster 110 mm
81.00 TL
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Myros - Turkich Ceramic Special Relief Coaster 100 mm
89.50 TL
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Myros - Turkish Ceramic Turquoise Coaster 110 mm
89.50 TL
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Myros - Turkish Ceramic Relief Stary Coaster 110 mm
65.00 TL
68.50 TL
216.00 TL
Total of 7 products are displayed.

What to Consider while Buying a Handmade Coaster?

Influencers and bloggers are the most common occupational groupings we face in today's technological world. When discussing or marketing products on social media and websites, it is critical to present visually rich and satisfying content. People in these vocational groupings, in particular, can take the presentation task much more seriously. It is fairly common for them to utilize a charming and unique handmade coaster under their glasses while having a hot coffee cup with a view from the window. You could also be someone who enjoys making tiny gestures to your loved ones. If you're one of them, Myros' handcrafted coasters from the souvenir category can be a good fit. Because these handcrafted coasters will be used on your tables or, more importantly, on your flat floors, we need first assess their material quality. At this point, ensuring that these items are temperature resistant and provide material quality should be one of our top priorities. We must also ensure that washing and cleaning these handcrafted coasters that come into direct contact with your food and drink is not a problem. These handmade coaster products are equipped with coloring and striking handcrafted.  Myros makes these handmade coaster products ready for sale as a set or individually.

There are multiple handmade coaster ideas available. You can benefit from discounted prices on wholesale handmade coaster products.

The following are the things to know when purchasing Handmade Coaster products:

  • The fact that their coating or coloring has not faded should also be at the top of our handcrafted coaster ranking. 
  • We should pay attention to these qualities that are caused by the contact we have when touching these handmade coaster products by hand.
  • The handmade coaster's material quality
  • The coloration of a handcrafted coaster
  • The craftsmanship of the handcrafted coaster
  • The handmade coaster product's design
  • Handmade coasters at an affordable price
  • Handmade coaster package of high quality
  • Handmade coasters with unique designs

What are the Features of Handmade Coaster Products?

The particular sheen of handmade coaster goods makes them stand out. Certain handcrafted coasters have the potential to become masterpieces.

Furthermore, handmade coasters make excellent gifts. Handmade coasters are one of the nicest gifts you can give to your loved ones since they are personalized. When looking for a gift, handmade coaster gifts and picture frames can be excellent options. These handmade coasters are available in a variety of designs and sizes.

What is the Price Range of Handmade Coaster Products?

The prices of handmade coaster products vary between 3 and 14 Euro. These handmade coaster prices vary depending on the features such as workmanship, quality, coloring, and weight of the product purchased. Handmade coasters are also possible to benefit from discounted prices in handmade items wholesale.

How are the Prices of Handmade Coaster Products Determined?

The cost of handmade coasters varies depending on the quality, craftsmanship, and material utilized. Price changes in handmade goods may affect bulk sales pricing. Handmade coaster patterns come in a variety of styles.

The categories, designs, and coloration of these handcrafted goods distinguish them from one another. The variety of features and durability of handcrafted coaster souvenirs set them apart. These characteristics are reflected in the prices of handmade coasters.

What are the Types of Handmade Coasters?

Types of handmade  coaster  products are as follows: 

How to Use Handmade Coaster Products?

Almost every aspect of our daily lives involves the use of handmade coaster items. Remember that you can use handmade coasters to make your life easier as well as to give to your loved ones. Coasters produced by hand are often utilized to decorate your tables. They can be used to make powerful presentations. Alternatively, you might add a handmade coaster to a coffee cup that you wish to photograph with the rising sun in your home. On Myros' website, you can purchase the entire set of handcrafted coasters.

Whom can Handmade Coaster Products be Bought as a Gift for?

Handmade coaster products are bought as a gift are as follows;

  • To your family and loved ones you can gift a handmade coaster ,
  • To a friend whose birthday you want to congratulate you can gift a handmade coaster,
  • To the acquaintances, you will visit in a distant place you can gift handmade coaster

How Does Myros Produce Handmade Coaster Gift Products?

Team Myros has a wide range of handmade coasters in various materials. These handcrafted coaster patterns, which stand out for their heat and abrasion resistance, can also be customized.

Before the design phase of the souvenir handmade coaster, materials are carefully picked and thoroughly arranged. The designs are created using a series of handcrafted glass coaster techniques. The last stages of these products, which have completed their design process, are inspected by the product range. Handmade coaster sets that have gone through the coloring and polishing procedures are carefully packaged and shipped to the buyer quickly. With a pleasant smile on your face, handcrafted coasters take their place in the decor of your places.

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Handmade Coasters?

Other gifts similar to handmade coaster  products are as follows:

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