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Blank Products

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Total of 160 products are displayed.

What to Consider while Buying Blank Products?

Blank products are the base of a lot of items that we use in our daily life. We see and use their decorated and colored versions constantly. It is quite possible to find the right blank product for your needs since there are countless object, design, dimension, and material choices. If we need to categorize them we can say that there are mainly six types of blank products, and they are beads, doming blanks, laser engraved blanks, sublimated blanks, UV digital blanks, and auxiliary gift items.

After the designs of your plain products are completed, blank products can be gifted to groups, your clients if you have a company, etc. If you are considering buying blank products to design and sell, it will be feasible to find the right amount of product options thanks to the wide diversity of this category. To be more specific, you will be able to choose among loads of different blank products ranging from metal keychains to thermo mugs. Furthermore, these products allow you to create your unique designs. You can freely choose the color, pattern, picture, text, and these kinds of features you are going to use on your items later.

Blank products are ideal for wholesale purchases. If you have a company and planning to distribute blank promotional products or sell these kinds of items, buying blank products wholesale that will provide freedom on your designs, would be a great decision. You can purchase these blank products from us and make the appropriate developments on them at your own company. You can also get the objects designed and completed at your contracted companies after purchasing.

The following are the things to know when purchasing Blank Products:

  • It is important to note that all blank products are plain which means you can print your designs on your products on your own or get them designed and printed by your contracted companies. It is up to you.
  • There is a lower limit for some products when purchasing. For example, you need to buy at least 50 of them when you are going to buy certain keychains.
  • Please keep in mind to create a B2B account to take advantage of the special prices for wholesale purchases.

What are the Features of Blank Products?

There are more than thirty types of blank products to personalize in this category. When it comes to using these different types of blank printable items they are intended for different aims, though they can all be gifted as promotions or for special occasions. The diversity is also due to sizes and the materials used while producing.

Wooden, glass, Turkish ceramics, epoxy doming, paper, metal, plastic, ceramic, leatherette, and stone are the materials used to produce blank products.

Beads in this category are made of glass and evil eye-themed. Dimensions of evil eye-themed beads range between 5x40x40 mm and 8x130x130 mm. Besides these, the weights of the beads change between 20 and 488 grams.

One of the richest categories of blank products is doming blanks, and this category contains blank metal bottle openers, keychains, magnets, bells, mirrors; wooden photo frames; Turkish ceramic

plates, and so on. Size options for the metal blanks in this category reach countless numbers due to the wide diversity that it is almost certain to find the size that is needed. Also, some of the metal products in this category are golden-colored. On the other hand, there are two dimension options for the blank wooden personalized photo frames which are 10x15 and 15x20 cm. The color of the photo frames is ideally white. Finally, blank Turkish ceramic wall photo plates have various color and size options as well. You can find beautiful wall photo frames sized between 12 to 30 cm, patterned elegantly with bright colors.

Laser engraved blanks category consists of blank thermo mugs, decorative trays, and a rectangular fridge magnet. Customizable and high-quality thermo vacuum mugs, which are made to keep your drinks the way you want, offer two different fluid intake capacity options, which are 310 and 350 ml. In addition to their bright and beautiful colours, they can get personalized by having the note that you want on them thanks to the laser engraving method. Blank wooden mug serving trays are another classy part of this category. We have got two choices: the first serving tray has just one place for one mug while the other serving tray was made to carry two mugs at the same time.

Sublimation blank products are an important part of this category. But in case you are wondering, what are sublimation blanks? They are materials that are produced in a plain form to get patterned as a result of a chemical process called sublimation printing. In simple terms, they are blank products to print on. If you are looking for where to buy sublimation blanks, like ceramic custom sublimation mugs, this is the right place with really good options.

One individual blank ceramic mug is 80 mm tall. You can purchase them individually or choose to buy a box of 36 mugs. There is also another option which is a pair of blank mugs with special, heart-shaped handles. . However, wholesale purchasing is always more advantageous.

UV digital blanks category also contains a lot: blank wooden desktop decors, bottle openers, mini canvas, tin boxes, fridge magnets, mirrors, wooden postcards, coasters, wooden keychain hangers, and even more. Dimensions of wooden desktop decors range between 40x50 and 95x135 mm. All bottle openers in this part are wooden and there are many different shape options. Fridge magnets and coasters are made of stone.

Auxiliary gift items help designs to become completed, sometimes by holding and displaying them and sometimes by carrying them. Keychain rings, sized 32x5x1,2 mm; clear plastic plate display stands; blank metal shelf hooks and flowing seconds pendulum clock mechanisms are the products of this category. There are different sized plastic plate stands, matching with different sized plates. You can find 12,15, 18, and 23 cm tall plate stands on our website. Metal shelf hooks are standard and 12 cm. There are also some clock mechanisms available.

What is the Price Range of Blank Products?

For the whole blank products category, prices range from 0,13 to 41,05 euros. If we divide the whole category into subcategories we can get more specific price ranges. We can say that the approximate price for evil eye-themed beads is 1 euro, while it is 12 euros for doming blanks, 20 euros for laser engraved blanks, 22 euros for sublimated blanks, 8 euros for UV digital blanks, and 1,5 euros for auxiliary gift items. Wholesale purchasing offers a better price. Please create a B2B account to benefit from wholesale prices.

How are the Prices of Blank Products Determined?

The diversity of the prices is due to different types and amounts of materials used, and how and why the product was produced.

What are the Types of Blank Products?

Here are the types of blank products: ·

How to Use Blank Products?

There is not just one way to use blank products since there are many different types of blank products. However, there is no need to learn something special to use any of them.

Whom can Blank Products be Bought as a Gift for?

Here are some of the people whom you can buy blank products as a gift for:

  • Your clients or your workers as a promotion if you have a company
  • Event or gathering attendees
  • Event participants
  • Guests of your special events

How Does Myros Produce Blank Products?

The production process is changeable for every type of product because the materials are being used differently. However, it is certain that all products are high quality and can be used for a long time with careful use.

What are Other Gifts Similar to Blank Products? · 

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