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Evil Eye Items

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Myros - Evil Eye Themed Nautical Ceramics First Size Wall Hanging
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Myros - Özel Renkli Nazar Magnet
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Total of 150 products are displayed.

What to Consider while Buying Evil Eye Items?

Before buying evil eye items, it might be interesting to know what is an evil eye. The Evil Eye is believed to protect people or objects from bad luck and the negative wishes of others. If the evil eye amulet is broken, it means the evil eye absorbed the bad energy towards the owner. It is important to replace the broken one for the potential future bad luck. Nowadays, evil eye items are used in a decorative manner. Therefore, there are thousands of different designs for those products. Fridge magnets, keychains, and figurines are the major types of those objects. You can purchase Evil Eye items to change the atmosphere of your car, room, walls, doors, or desks. In addition, you may want to purchase evil eye decoration items as a gift for your loved ones. Presenting somebody with an evil eye item might be perceived as a will to protect them from misfortune. If you want to stock the items in your shop, you can look for wholesale options. The following are the things to know when purchasing evil eye items:

  • You should decide where to use the item. For example, if you want everyone entering the room to see the product, you can buy evil eye wall-hanging decor.
  • Decide on the material of the item. The material of the product is the key factor to determine the durability of the item. For example, if you want to buy an evil eye keychain, it shouldn't be made of glass because keys may fall on the ground often and be broken.
  • Focus on the workmanship quality if you are looking for an elegant product. 
  • According to some beliefs, evil eye amulets must be handmade. Otherwise, it can only be used as a decorative article.

What are the Features of Evil Eye Items Products?

As there are a lot of designs for evil eye items products, there are various features of them, too. Several materials are used to produce them such as glass, metal, epoxy, ceramics, etc. While some of these products have singular evil eye amulet, some of them contain multiple amulets together with the help of a mat, chain, or wooden.

What is the Price Range of Evil Eye Items Products?

The evil eye items products are priced from 0.6 to 45 . The average price of evil eye decorations is in the range of 4-10 .

How are the Prices of Evil Eye Items Products Determined?

The material used, originality and quality of the design, and workmanship quality are the key factors to determine the prices of evil eye items products.

What are the Types of Evil Eye Items?

The types of evil eye items are listed below:

How to Use Evil Eye Items Products?

The evil eye items products are used as a guard against bad luck, bad intentions, and negative feelings according to some beliefs and cultures. On the other hand, some people use these products just because they like their view. In other words, it is not necessary to believe that the evil eye keeps you away from mischance to use these objects. Some people believe that evil eye items should be placed on eye level so that everyone can see them. You can use evil eye items products in diverse areas. For example, evil eye keychains can be used for the purpose of preventing the keys from getting lost while making the keys look nice. Also, evil eye-themed wall hangings can be used in order to change the atmosphere of any room. Apart from that, evil eye-themed figurines will be a nice choice if you want to decorate your desk, shelves, or console. 

Whom can Evil Eye Items Products be Bought as a Gift for?

Evil eye items products can be bought as a gift for:

  • A newborn baby
  • Someone who bought a new car
  • Whoever bought a new home
  • A person who gets a job
  • Friends
  • Parents
  • Darling
  • All the loved ones

How does Myros Produce Evil Eye Items Gift Products?

The first evil eye amulet is produced 3500 years ago by melting the glass. Myros is also using this traditional technique during the production phase. After the melting and coloring process, dark blue, white, aqua, and black colored glass are added on top of each other respectively. Before the cooling process, the glass is drilled to make it hangable. Then, Sulphur is applied to it in order to make the glass resistant to scratching. When the amulet is ready, it undergoes various processes based on the final product. Attaching chain or rope, epoxy coating, applying magnet are the main examples of those processes which make evil eye items products ready to use.

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Evil Eye Items?

Other gifts similar to evil eye items are:

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