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What to Consider while Buying Promotional Corkscrewed Gift?

A wine bottle opener or corkscrew gift would make a nice and unexpected gift for wine and spirits lovers. If you want the gift you will receive to be both suitable for your pocket and of good quality, you should do some research and careful evaluation on the internet. Here are the things to consider before purchasing any of the personalized promotional corkscrews, promotional corkscrews, souvenir promotional corkscrews, commercial corkscrews, or engraved corkscrew gift options in any case:

  • Ease of use: The first thing to consider when buying a wine bottle opener or corkscrew is the ease of use. A hard-to-use corkscrew can cause cork crumbs in the wine, breakage of corks, or your eventual inability to remove the cork.
  • Size: Smaller corkscrews, such as the pocket corkscrew for waiters or bartenders, are a great choice for staff on the go. These corkscrews fit easily in an apron or trouser pocket and are lightweight.
  • Cost: Deciding on your budget will help you navigate your search easily and be realistic about your options.
  • Make sure to choose a meaningful gift: A unique corkscrew gift will be a very meaningful gift idea for people around you who love to drink wine or drink. Because before buying a gift for someone, researching what he likes or not, concentrating on the things he likes, and choosing a gift in that direction will ensure that you will be remembered well by that person.

What are the Features of Promotional Corkscrewed Products?

Promotional corkscrew products are produced in Turkey by digital printing using metal and epoxy materials. If we evaluate the features of the products one by one. The bottle-shaped metal wine bottle corkscrew opener is 115 mm long, 25 mm wide, and 25 mm high and weighs 49 grams. The city-themed Myros metal corkscrew is produced in a size that waiters or bartenders can carry in their pockets or aprons.

What is the Price Range of Promotional Corkscrewed Products?

The price ranges of promotional corkscrew products vary between 11 Euro to 12 Euro on the Myros souvenir website. In addition, the city themed Myros metal corkscrew has been especially printed for each city in Turkey and its varieties are available on the site. You can customize the bottle-shaped metal wine bottle corkscrew opener according to your taste. The fact that the prices of the products are to appeal to almost every pocket makes the customers smile in today's conditions.

How are the Prices of Promotional Corkscrewed Products Determined?

Prices of promotional corkscrew products; It is determined based on the type of material used, the print quality of the picture, the vividness of the colors, the durability of the colors, the size of the products, and the weight of the products.

What are the Types of Promotional Corkscrewed?

Types of corkscrews are as follows:

How to Use Promotional Corkscrewed Products?

A wine corkscrew opener, also known as a waiter's corkscrew, has three important parts: the foil cutter, the lever, and the worm (aka the spiral corkscrew). The foil cutter, which looks like a small knife, is simply used to remove the foil from the top of your wine bottle. Place the foil cutter just above the first ridge at the top of the wine bottle and press lightly to pierce the foil. Rotate the bottle in a circular motion so that the cutter is dragged up to the neck of the bottle. Remove the top of the foil. Place the worm in the center of your cork and turn it clockwise until the worm is fully inserted into the cork. Put the short notch on the metal lever against the mouth of the wine bottle, then pull the handle upwards to remove the cork from the bottle. If necessary, switch to the longer notch on the handle and continue pulling upward until the cork is completely removed. When you remove the cork from the bottle, the process will be completed successfully.

Whom can Promotional Corkscrewed Products be Bought as a Gift?

The answer to the question of who can be gifted promotional corkscrew products is as follows:

  • You can present a wine bottle corkscrew opener as a birthday gift to your friend or family friend who loves to drink wine.
  • You can give gifts to your visitors who come to your stand for the fairs you attend.
  • You can give gifts to your customers who spend more than a certain amount in a single transaction in your retail store.
  • If you have a gym or a luxury club, you can gift it to your VIP customers.
  • You can print your wine store logo on wine bottle corkscrew openers and present them to your customers who buy a certain number of wines from openers with your logo printed on them.
  • You can give promotional corkscrews as a “thank you” gift to your customers who regularly shop at your store.

How does Myros Produce Promotional Corkscrewed Gift Products?

As a promotional corkscrew manufacturer, Myros offers you the lowest pricing in the industry. By processing two different types of materials, metal, and epoxy, according to the product type, it carefully manufactures wholesale promotional corkscrew gift products so that you can store them for years.

These products, which have picture prints prepared with special printing machines, attract the attention of customers by being printed on products in vivid colors. When you search for wholesale promotional corkscrews, you will see the Myros souvenir website. You can easily find any product you like among the promotional corkscrew models on the site and buy it directly.

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Promotional Corkscrewed?

Other gift options like promotional corkscrews are as follows:

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