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What to Consider while Buying Promotional Wooden Postcard?

In today’s world, people easily communicate with their phones, laptops, in general, technological products. Before that people were using letters, postcards, and the most advanced radios. When our beloved ones or ourselves are in a different city or country, we want to share it on social media. We bring gifts as a memory of the unforgettable moments. Before all of this advanced technology, it was only possible for people to communicate by letters or postcards. Vintage postcards brought people more bounded friendships. In today’s world, it is less popular to use postcards, but their importance and value it is much bigger. In a touristic place, it is still possible to find postcards with the best scenes of the town. They are mostly paper and cheaper, but if one wants their gift to be more precious and durable they can totally go for wood postcards

On Myros, we believe that everybody should use postcards as the most precious gifts. That’s why we want our customers to use their creativity and buy personalized wooden postcards. Besides making your beloved ones happy, our customers can also use promotional postcard designs for their customization. With personalized promotional wooden postcards, you can make your working space much better. For brand marketing, this product is an original and vintage way of promotion. 

The most essential reason to buy wooden postcards is it is being customizable promotional wooden postcards. With this feature, everybody can customize the wooden postcard in the way they want to, the companies can use them for promotional purposes and make their brand much better in terms of marketing. Promotional postcards can become one of the best marketing ideas. One person can send a message to their beloved ones and in the message, everybody can see the brand. This is one of the best ideas in general for the purpose of using postcards for promotional reasons. 

There are tons of wooden products in general in the world. But as a promotional wooden postcard manufacturer, Myros provides wholesale with the best of its productions. There are a few things to know when one is buying wood promotional products.

Here is the following list to inform customers about the things they should know when purchasing promotional wooden postcard products;

  • The design they want on the postcard
  • The quality of the wooden product
  • For what purposes that they want to use it
  • The size they want
  • Whoever to give as a gift

What are the Features of Promotional Wooden Postcard Products?

The biggest feature of the promotional wooden postcard products is their customizable part. With this part, you can create anything you want on your wooden postcard and make it a gift for the people you love, or for the companies for promotional reasons. With its 116x150 size or very light design, 37 gram, one can bring it with them wherever they want or use it in any space they want. This product is mainly used for its wooden part, for the color one can choose whatever they want. The smell of the wood is not on the products as it has the quality. The decoration is done with digital printing so that we can bring the best quality product and design that our customers need. The purpose of usage of product has a huge range so either for promotional wooden postcards or souvenir promotional wooden postcards, this wooden product is very useful for both purposes. On Myros it is also possible for companies to use this material for promotional purposes with wholesale promotional wooden postcards. This will make them reach and use this product more in general. 

What is the Price Range of Promotional Wooden Postcard Products?

This product has its own way in general. If one prefers customizable promotional wooden postcards, one might pay more rather than for the normal version of the postcards. Myros provides individuals and companies with wholesale, also cheap customizable promotional wooden products. On average 8  Euros, everybody can have their own customizable wooden product with different purposes. In general, this price range goes up, we believe we provide the best quality with the wooden and also the printing with the greatest price for any kind of that product.

How are the Prices of Promotional Wooden Postcard Products Determined?

This price range is based on the wood firstly, we provide the best quality of wood to print on it. The quality of the printing also affects the price. We provide the best quality with less pricing. The labor determines the prices of our products. The size of the wooden postcards and the print the customer wants are usually the reasons for our pricing. 

What are the Types of Promotional Wooden Postcards?

Here is the type of promotional wooden postcards you can find on Myros;

How to Use Promotional Wooden Postcard Products?

To use promotional wooden postcard products, one has to decide the purpose first. For promotional purposes, the wooden postcard could be a great sign for marketing. This postcard can be around the people with the notes that they leave for their loved ones. Another usage is to improve the brand with designs and more. The customization of wooden postcards can bring people joy in their personal life. They can customize it in any way and can give it to someone they adore. This product can be on your table for you to see the importance of the design or the text on it. In other ways, giving it to the customers for marketing purposes could be also a great way to use it. 

Whom can Promotional Wooden Postcard Products be Bought as a Gift?

These are the people for whom polyester products can be bought as a gift;

  • Relatives and friends
  • Birthdays
  • Promotional stuff
  • Companies
  • Collectors
  • Designers

How does Myros Produce Promotional Wooden Postcard Gift Products?

The production of promotional wooden postcards is firstly about wood. Myros provides the best type of wood for the structure of the products. Then, the most important thing is to provide the best printing. With our technologically advanced machines, we print the best type of designs on wood to make our customers satisfied. With huge labor and work behind our products, Myros makes the customer happy with their purchase. 

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Promotional Wooden Postcards?

Here is a list of similar gifts to promotional wooden postcards;

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