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What to Consider while Buying Promotional Puzzle Gift?

Puzzles are a game that has existed for a long time in our lives. It has different variations in terms of pictures as well as the number of pieces. A lot of people challenge themselves for more pieces for puzzles. 50,100,500,1000 or even 10.000 pieces of puzzles exist in our life. The jigsaw promotional puzzle has made a huge impact in our lives and some even have them for artistic reasons. It was even way more popular to have puzzles and solve them in the quarantine. During our free time, we tried to make ourselves busy and think of something else. If one is in this kind of situation besides quarantine, puzzles are great alternatives.

Besides as a hobby, puzzles exist for promotional reasons. Promotional puzzles are more popular than ever with the creative ideas of companies. In today’s world, it is common to have personalized promotional puzzles, anybody can have their brand, products, or even their face on the puzzle to solve. 

The biggest advantage to have puzzles as a promotional reason is the view by the customers. As it’s something that could attract puzzle lovers, this kind of way of promotion could be seen as the best product promotion idea. Your puzzle promotional items could be about any product or brand’s signs. To attract people with their hobbies, making them work for something for fun could be one of the best ways to promote a product or a brand. That’s why Myros provides custom promotional puzzles.

The puzzles are huge in the world. The number of different types of puzzles can not be counted. People probably have solved the puzzles of view, statues, people, and more during their lives. This is why we believe promotional puzzles are the best way to use them. To consider promotional puzzles as a gift, the best decision is the product one wants to promote. 

Here’s a list to inform our customers of the things they need to know before buying a promotional puzzle gift;

  • Promotional picture for the puzzle
  • The product you want to promote
  • The color you want on your puzzle
  • The number of pieces in the puzzle
  • The purpose of the product.

What are the Features of Promotional Puzzle Products?

Puzzle products have customizable pieces in general. With the small pieces of the puzzle, one creates a picture, view, or statue as a matter of art. By doing that, they have the exercise for the brain as well as have so much fun. The sizes of the puzzle product can be different based on the number of pieces. The more amount of pieces makes the products much bigger as a result. On Myros, we provide commercial puzzles with a specific size and number of pieces. Those sizes are 270x400, 190x270, and 130x180. In those three sizes, one can find promotional gift ideas and then make them into a puzzle. Our promotional puzzle models have the best kind of printing design in general. To provide our customers the quality, we work hard to create the best printing. 

What is the Price Range of Promotional Puzzle Products? 

The price range of our promotional puzzle products is different from each other as sizes affect the pricing. The range is an average of 11 Euros to 35 Euros. As we provide more durable puzzles to make our customers satisfied, most importantly bring them quality work in terms of printed pictures, we are working in between those prices. Wholesale promotional puzzle products can have price differences. Companies and individuals who are interested in wholesale should be aware of it. 

How are the Prices of Promotional Puzzle Products Determined?

To determine the price of promotional puzzle products we consider the quality of the product. The printing affects the pricing. Also, the sizes decide the prices as the prices of our products are different from each other based on the size. The labor behind the custom promotional puzzle is one of the reasons for us deciding the prices.

What are the Types of Promotional Puzzle Products?

Here is a list of types of promotional puzzles products;

How to Use Promotional Puzzle Products?

Using puzzle products is quite easy. Once you decide what kind of design should be printed on the puzzle, the only thing left to do is to solve it. Make the pieces come together and then you have the outcome. Other than that, souvenir promotional puzzle products can be used for promotional reasons to sell the customers. On the puzzle, there can be designs of the products for promotions or brand signs. To have fun, and more, puzzles are a great option for promotion as well as personal usage. 

Whom can Promotional Puzzle Products be Bought as a Gift for?

Here is the list of people whom can promotional puzzle products be bought as a gift;

  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Promotional stuff
  • Companies
  • Collectors
  • Designers

How does Myros Produce Promotional Puzzle Gift Products?

Myros produces promotional puzzle gifts with the best care. The workers behind our products put in their hardest work to provide the best quality. Our technologically advanced machines make the prints so quality. To make our customers satisfied with the product they buy, we care so much about our promotional puzzle gifts. Myros provides more quality with less pricing to make our customers happy. 

What Are Other Gifts Similar to Promotional Puzzle?

Here is a list of products that are similar to promotional puzzles;

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